Barbara Mori


Bárbara Mori was born 1980 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

After completing her studies in graphic design and drawing at the Academy of Fine Art in Buenos Aires, she set out to use her design skills experimentally. Barbara tried out various materials, starting with the traditional paint media (acrylic, oils, tempera etc) but then moved on to building materials, soil, wax, coffee, tea and paper. The base surfaces that she works on vary between wood, board and canvas.

Ultimately, the works that this young artist produces are the result of her experiments with these raw materials. The textures that arise provide the conditions that make it possible to create works ranging from pure abstract to subtle objective. Where motifs seem to emerge from the texture, the material itself is not elevated to some absolute status over and above the form. The artist alternates between these two approaches, though the first (i.e. the choice of material) takes precedence. The aim is to produce a type of painting based on relief technique with coarse, porous or grainy textures rising from the flat surface. In some of her works, Bárbara Mori repeats a series of pictures and objects taken from everyday scenes, such as a chair, table or similar. She consciously selects objects with which we are all familiar and which are open to the inevitably subjective perception of the viewer.

As the premier gallery in Palma de Mallorca, the Empire Art Galerie was offering this promising artist her first exhibition here, shortly after she had come over to the island. Bárbara Mori has already won acclaim with exhibitions in her native Buenos Aires.

Following the successful Palma exhibition, Bárbara Mori’s works went on display at an exhibition in Germany Mainz.

Now three years on, Bárbara Mori’s works are once again on display here in Mallorca, this time in the new exhibition rooms of the Galería de Cas Concos – Empire Art Contemporani. It is fascinating to observe how Bárbara’s technique has evolved as she has acquired more experience of exhibiting and has extended her oeuvre. The current direction manifested in her paintings is towards minimalism. The artist creates large-format, almost monochrome pictures in which subtle, smoky shades of colour enhance the atmosphere of tranquillity. The vague hint of a village on the horizon – delicate, slightly proud of the background, mysterious – stimulates the imagination of the observer.

Connoisseurs of art will doubtless be keen to acquire works by this aspiring artist as it is already apparent that she has an interesting and successful career ahead of her.

A small selection of exhibitions:

– Centro cultural San Telmo, Buenos Aires
– Casa Cabrera, Buenos Aires
– Empire Art, Palma de Mallorca
– Empire Art, Mainz, Germany
– Swaeff Art, Palma de Mallorca